Delta Gear Canteen Kit

The Delta Gear Canteen Kit is the most versatile, compact, easy to carry, cookware/hydration system on the market. Every component of the Canteen Kit is made in the USA. The kit includes:

The Nalgene Canteen features a leak proof cap comes with standard threading (interchangeable with the GI Cap or the M-1 NBC Valved Drinking Cap). It is made from BPA free impact resistant copolyester able to withstand temperatures from -135°C to 135°C. The one quart Army canteen has been the primary water storage system for infantry for over 60 years.

The Delta Gear Canteen Cup Stand is an excellent cooking pot stand. It's extremely light and it nests conveniently around the canteen cup for in-the-pouch storage. Flip the stand over and your canteen cup sits on top of it. The Delta Gear Canteen Cup Stand is Type III Hard Anodized to make it more resistant to the elements, and it reduces reflectivity making it more tactical.

The canteen cup is the official cup of the US military and one of the infantryman's most important pieces of kit. Its stainless steel construction is perfect for heating water or food, and its anti-corrosive properties make it extremely durable and hygienic.

The Heavy Cover Lid is a durable snug fitting drinking lid designed to fit standard issue US military stainless steel canteen cups. Features a unique drinking spout that can also be used to relieve pressure created by the steaming hot contents of your canteen cup. Simply snap the lid on your canteen cup for secure seal, which will keep your beverage from spilling. It also works great for storing leftovers, keeping your beverage hot or cold, and keeping debris out. The instructions recommend not using the lid while heating the contents of your canteen cup, but we were able to bring our water to a rolling boil without damage or change in performance to the Heavy Cover Lid.


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