How reliable is Delta Gear?

When it comes to customer satisfaction, we always aim to hit our mark. Please visit us on Yelp and leave a review. Your reviews helps support all the free downloads, gear reviews, and product testing that Delta Gear shares. Thank you for your time and thoughtful review.

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Do you have the DLAB Study Guide in an electronic format?

The DLAB Study Guide is currently available for Amazon's Kindle reader. There are no plans in making it available in pdf format due to our inability to secure its content.

Why do you only carry products that use AA batteries?

For proven practicality in the field, we strongly support battery size standardization and have chosen AA as the most universal size. By compiling gear powered exclusively by AA batteries, a soldier can triage his/her gear and replace any/all batteries more quickly and efficiently. All battery-powered gear on our site follows this standardization doctrine. Click here for more information on AA batteries.

Why don't you show any measurements in English units?

The System International (SI) Metric system is superior. It is easier to convert among different metric units of measurement (i.e. centimeters to kilometers). The Metric system is much easier to use and understand. It is also the system that is used around the world. Since 1916 the United States Metric Association (USMA) has been trying to encourage the Metrication of the United States. Delta Gear's exclusive use of the Metric system is our way of helping this transformation along. If you have difficulty understanding Metric units, please visit MegaConverter to convert to your preferred system.