DLAB Study Guide

The Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) is a standardized government test administered to armed service personnel to determine ones natural ability to learn a foreign language.

The test is comprised of gibberish and specific grammatical rules that apply to each section of the test. A perfect score is nearly impossible due to the nature of the test, a mere passing score is challenging, and a failing score guarantees only one more chance to take the test!

By studying the rules provided in this guide, understanding the logic, using the tips provided, and working through the exercises, you can expect to increase your score by at least 20 points.

  • Sample questions that are very similar to the test
  • Actual rules from each test section
  • Sample questions that demonstrate logic
  • Tips on how to eliminate incorrect answers
  • Exercises for your preparation

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DLAB Study Guide Testimonials

"I just wanted to say thank you. I only found enough time to study for a few hours using this study guide. Even in that little bit of time I scored 20 points higher on my DLAB than I did before. I didnt even pass it the first time I took it! Just knowing the 'rules' prior really helped me a lot."

- SSG Brooks, Civil Affairs NCO, Ft. Bragg

"Overall, the guide was wonderful. It was the first time I took the exam, and I scored 127. I would not have gotten anywhere close to that without your study guide. I've read in several places that there is no way to study for the DLAB. Those people are wrong. Your guide made all the difference in the world to me and I thank you very much. Best of luck to you in the future."

- CPT Mansfield, Camp Slayer, Iraq

"After 6 years of military service, I was beginning to feel somewhat burnt out with my current career field. I was recently offered a unique opportunity to serve a tour in a special program, a highly coveted position in an exciting environment. I have all the necessary requirements for the job, but it did require passing the DLAB exam to screen for language training. After hearing many horror stories concerning the difficulty of the exam over the years, I was admittedly dreading this portion of the screening. Luckily, I was recommended your Study Guide, and today scored a 133 on the exam. I am 100% certain that my score would have been considerably lower had I gone into the test unprepared. While the test sections were not exactly as described in the book, I was able to quickly adapt the knowledge I had gained to the format of my exam and achieve results beyond my expectations. I thank you for this great product, and will gladly recommend this study guide and Delta Gear Inc. to my peers."

- First Class Petty Officer, Anonymous, San Diego